Mark Goudy ceramics

Photo by Ekatarina Izmestieva.


I came to ceramics late in life, in my 50s, following a 20-year career as a logic design engineer in the 3D graphics industry (working for companies such as Pixar, Silicon Graphics, and nVidia.)

It all started with a raku class, an homage to my recently deceased mother who was a lifelong potter. I found working with clay to be a cathartic experience - working with my hands in this medium resonates at some deep unconscious level.

Artist Statement

My mission as an artist is first to create a coherent visual language, and then learn to speak in that language. My core inspiration is a love of minimalist archetypal forms that reflect the geometries of nature. I am all about designing forms and making objects.

The current project started during the pandemic lockdown, an unplanned break that gave me the time and space to explore new ideas. This new work is a synthesis of disparate life experiences: a decade of making ceramic vessels, combined with echoes of my previous career as a 3D graphics hardware design engineer.

This project takes me full circle, returning to a focus on form over pattern. I am using algorithmic 3D software to design a series of objects that are inspired by Japanese paper folding. Many of these forms are designed to balance on the folds; when set on a flat surface they rock back and forth, naturally settling into their inherent point of equilibrium.

My work is slipcast paper-thin translucent porcelain, often colored with delicate soluble metal watercolors — I am especially drawn to cobalt blue, a reference to the ineffable blue of water and distance. These objects are containers for light and atmosphere.